You built your business by ignoring time, letting the clock tick while you worked to midnight and beyond, setting aside the other demands in your life.”

Kevin Jennings, President- JBVal

In clicking around the Internet for inspiration for an article to write that will be useful to business owners, I was struck by the number of sites that want to take a slice of your time with the honest intent of helping you.  These sites suggest ideas ranging “50 great blogs small business owners should be reading in 2020,” (50 blogs to read?  Really?) on how to best manage your time.  Are these helpful?  A bit. But probably not a lot.

Doesn’t the clock tick on, regardless of how we spend our time?  Everyone is flooded with demands from their job, family and charitable and other pursuits, often in loud and demanding tones.  What about you? As a business owner, do you have the added responsibility of running a business?  A business that supports employees and their employees’ families?  Not a trivial responsibility!

You built your business by ignoring time, letting the clock tick while you worked to midnight and beyond, setting aside the other demands in your life.  Those days may be long in the past, but haven’t the demands on your time grown? 

Being the lonely exec at the top means everyone is accountable to you.  And it means you are accountable to everyone.  No one is by your side to run ideas by, to brainstorm with. 

What happens? Burn out.  Business brokers receive calls from owners saying they’re done.  Sell the business and sell it today. 

If you sell fast, will you get the money you and your family deserve or pennies on the dollar?

Today’s business buyers demand a company that can almost run itself.  A business dependent on a single exec making all the decisions has significantly lower market value.  Is that you?

There is a solution, one that requires an investment on your part but will also build cash flow for you and your business and ultimately increase the market value of your business. 

Intrigued? We’ve assisted many owners.

516-882-4878 or

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